The Whole and True Discouerye of Terra Florida by Jean Ribault

following, and likewise le Sieur de Beuernall.* And as it is well known, they did inhabite, builde [and] plant the Kinges armes in the northe partes a good way within the lande, as far as Cavadu and Ochelaga. Wherforef (my lorde) trusting || that in a thinge so comendable and wortheye to be with good curradge attempted, that God would guyde and kepe us, desiering alwaies to fullfill your commaundementes, when we had don our§ bussines, and made our prep- arations, the 18 daye of February last past,fi” through the favor of God, we departed with our two vesselles owt of the havon of Havor de Grace into the rode of Caux, and the next daye hoised up sailes, the wynd being at east, which lasted so fewe** daies that we could scant passe the Manche,f f that is from the coast of Brytayne and England and the Isles of Surlynges and ===================================================== * P., Hemerall. It should be Roberval: see Baxter, passim. f P., Tauadu and Ochisaon. Canada was the region about Que- bec, and Hochelaga Montreal.   || P., trust iustly. § P., your.   gR, 1562. **P.,fyw. ft P., not arrive at the nauch. La Manche is the English Channel.      

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