The Whole and True Discouerye of Terra Florida by Jean Ribault

with there boates by rivers in xx tie dayes. Those that have wrytten of this kingdom and towne of Sevolla, and other towns and realmes* thera- bowtes, say that ther is great aboundaunce of gould and silver, precious stouns and other great riches, and that the people hedd ther arrowes, instedd of iron, with [sharpe] poynted tur- queses.f Thus the night aproching, and that it was conveynient for us to retire by daye to ship bourd, we toke leve of them muche to their greif and more to oures withowt comparison, for that we had no meane to enter the river with our shippes. And albeyt it was not ther custome either to eate or drynke from sonne rising till his goyng down, yet there kyng openly would nedes drinke with us, praying us verry gentelly to give him the cupp wherowt he|| had dronke. And so makyng § him understand that we would see him agen the next daye, we retired agayn to our ===================================================== * P., kingdoms,   f Lopez de Gomara, Istoria de las Indtas, fo. cxv, Zaragoca, 1552. II P., we.   § From P. The manuscript has make.      

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