The Whole and True Discouerye of Terra Florida by Jean Ribault

daye through newe discover [ie] s have knowledg of strange conteries, and also thereof to receave, by meanes of contynewall trafficque, riche and in- estimable comodities, as other nations have don, by taking in hand suche farre navegacions, bothe to the honnour and praise* of theire Kinges and prynces, and also to thincrease of great proffite and use of f their comon wealthes, counteris and domynions. And || which is most of all, withowt comparison, to be considered and estemed, it semeth well that you have byn hereto stirred from God§ above, and led to yt by the hope and desire you have that a numbre of brutishe people and ignoraunt of Jesus Christ, may by his grace come to some knowledge of his holly lawes and ordynaunces, so as S it semeth that it hathepleased the lyving God by his godly providence to re- serve the care he hathe had of there salvation until this tyme, and will bryng them to our ffaithe, at the tyme by himself alone foreseen and ordeyned. For if it were nedefull to shewe howe ===================================================== * V.,prowesse. f P., to. || Omitted in P., which has no stop after domynions. § P., even of God. S P., so therefore.    

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