The Whole and True Discouerye of Terra Florida by Jean Ribault

yt hathe, as ye shall see by the protracture or carte I have made thereof,* as to the fourth the name of Loire, to the vth Charent, to the vith Garone, to the vijth ryviere Belle, to the viijth Riviere Grande, to the ixth Porte Royall, to the xth Belle a Veoir.f   Upon Whitsontide, Sondaye the xvij|| of Maye, after we had well perceved and considered that there was no remedye but to assaye to fynde the meanes to harborough our shippes, aswell for to amend and tryme them as to gett us fresshe water, wood and other necessaries wherof we had nede, being of opynion that there was no fayrer or § fytter place for the purpose then porte” [And] when we had sounded the entrey ===================================================== * No trace of this has been found.   f On the identifications of these rivers see Lowery, op. cit., 1562-74, Appendix D, pp. 394-9. It is pretty well agreed that Port Royal was the present Port Royal Sound in 32 15*. See ibid., Appendix E, pp. 399-403. The manuscript has Lymiere for ryviere, and Belle a verir, which P. makes Virrir. The correct names are given by Laudonniere.   || P., xxviii. As Easter in 1562 fell on 29 March, Whitsun was 1 7 May.   § From P. The manuscript has not. <T Port Royal Sound.      

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