The Whole and True Discouerye of Terra Florida by Jean Ribault

with wynd at will we sailed and veewed the coast all along with an inspeakeable pleasure of thod- eriferous smell and bewtye of the same. And bi- cause there apeared unto us no sine of any porte, abowt the setting of the sonne, we cast ancre agayn, which don, we did behold to and fro the goodly order of the woodes wherwith God hathe decked everywhere the said lande. Then percev- ing towardes the northe a leaping and breking of the water, as a streme falling owt of the lande unto the sea, forthewith* we sett agayn up saile to duble the same while it was yet daye. And as we had so don, and passed byonde yt, there apeared unto us a faire enter [ye] of a great riv- er, f which caused us to cast ancre agen and tary there nere the lande, to thende that the next mornyng|| we myght see what it was. And though that the wynd blewe for a tyme vehe- mently to the shore warde, yet the hold and aun- cordge is so good there, that one cable and one ancre held us fast withowt driving § or slyding. ===================================================== * V., for the which.   f P.yfayre entrye of a fayre River. Probably the St. John’s river. || P., day. § P., daunger.      

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