The Whole and True Discouerye of Terra Florida by Jean Ribault

and frendelynes, fourthewith one of the best of apparance amonges them, brother unto one of there kinges or governours, comaunded one of the Indians to enter into the water, and to ap- proche our boates, to showe us the easiest* land- ing place. We seeing this, withowt any more dowbting or difficulty, landed, and the messen- ger, after we had rewarded him with some loking glases and other prety thinges of smale value, ran incontenently towardes his lorde, who forth- with sent me his girdell in token of assurance and ffrendship, which girdell was made of red lether, aswell couriedf and coulored as is poss- ible. And as I began to go towardes him, he sett fourthe and came and receved me gentlye and reiosed|| after there § mannour, all his men ffollowing him with great silence and modestie, yea, with more then our men did. And after we had awhile with gentill usage congratulated with him, we fell to the grownd a littell waye from them, to call upon the name of God, and to be- ===================================================== * P., coast es. f P., couered.   || P., reysed. § Their: P., his.      

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