The Whole and True Discouerye of Terra Florida by Jean Ribault

manny tourns and crokes, as yt is impossible to do yt with more cunning or industrye.*   But desiering to imploye the rest of the daye on the other side of this river, to veue and knowe those Indians we sawe there, we traversed thither and withowt any difiycutye landed amonges them, who receaved us verry gentelly with great hu- manytie, putting us off there fruites, even in our boates, as mulberies,|| respices and suche other frutes as thay found redely by the waye.   Sone after this there came thither there kynge with his brethern and others, with bowes and ar- rowes in there handes, using therewithall a good and grave ffashion and bihavior, right souldier like with as warlike a bouldnes as might be.§ They were naked and paynted as thothers, there hearfi* likewise long, and trussed up with a lace made of hearbes, to the top of there hedes, but ===================================================== * P., without much conning & industrie. f From P. The manuscript has with. || The manuscript has with mulberies.   § P. , with their behaviour right souldierlike and as warlike bold- nes as may be. S Hair.      

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