The Whole and True Discouerye of Terra Florida by Jean Ribault

and the channell, (thanked be God) we entred salfely therm with our shippes agenst the opyn- yon of many, fynding the same one of the great- est and fayrest havens of the worlde. Howebeyt, it must be remembred, lest that men approching nere yt within vij leages of the lande, be abasshed and afrayed, fynding on the east side, drawing to- wardes the south est, the ground to be flatt, for neverthelesse at a full sea ther is every where foure fadom water keping the right channell.   In this porte are many armes of the sea depe and lardg, and here and there of all sides many rivers of a meane biggnes, where withowt danger all the shippes in the worlde myght be harbored. We founde no Indians inhabyting there abowt the porte and river side nerer then x or xij leages upward into the cuntryes,* although yt be one of the goodlyest, best and frutfullest cunteres that ever was sene, and where nothing lacketh, ===================================================== * P. : ‘ In thys parte there are manye Ryvers of meane bygness and large where wythoute daunger the greatest shyppes of the worlde myght bee harbered, whyche we founde no Indian in- habityng thereaboutes. The Porte and Ryvers syde is nearer then tenne or twelve leagues upwardes into the countreys,’&c.      

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