The Whole and True Discouerye of Terra Florida by Jean Ribault

seche him to contynewe still his goodnes to wardes us, and to bring to the knoweledg of our Savior Jesus Christ this pooer people. While we were thus praying, they sitting upon the grownd, which was dressed and strewed with baye bowes, behelde and herkened unto us very attentively, withowt eyther speaking or moving. And as I made a sygne unto there king, lifting up myne arme and streching owt* one fynger, only to make them loke up to heavenward, he likewise lifting up his arme towardes heven, put fourthe two fynge [rs] f wherby it semed that he would make us tunderstand that thay worshipped the sonne and mone for godes, as afterward we un- derstode yt so. In this meane tyme there number increased and thither came the kinges brother that was ffirst with us, their mothers, wifes, sis- ters and childern,and being thus assembled, thay e caused a greate nombre of baye bowes to be cutt and therwith a place to be dressed for us, distant from theires abowt two ffadom; for yt is there ===================================================== ?P., forth.   f The manuscript is torn here.      

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