The Whole and True Discouerye of Terra Florida by Jean Ribault

and a cuntry so pleasaunt and frutfull, lacking nothing of all* that maye seme necessarye for mans foode) we would not have to do with there ilandes and other landes, which for that they ffirst discovered them, they kepe with muche ielozie, trusting that if God will suffer the Kinge, through your perswasion, to cause some partes of this incomparable cuntrye to be peopled and inhabited with suche a number of his pooer sub- iectes as you shall thinke good, there never hap- ened in the memorye of man so great good and comoditief to France as this. And, my lorde, for manny causes wherof a man is never hable to saye or wrytte to the full, as under the assured hope that we have allwaies had, that|| executing uprightly that which I had receaved in chardge of you, God would blesse our wayes and nave- gation, after we had constantlye and with dilli- gence, in tyme convenient, determioned upon the waye we would take (though noisome and longe to all our company, if it had byn bifore ===================================================== * P., at all. f P., so great & good commoditie.   II P., in.      

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