The Whole and True Discouerye of Terra Florida by Jean Ribault

Capten Alberte della Pirie,* a souldier of long experyence and the ffirst that from the beginning did offre to tarry; and furthere by there adviz, choise and will, installed and fortified them in an iland on the northe est side, a place of strong scytuation and comodyous, upon a river which we have called Chenonceau and the inhabytacion and fortresse Charle forte, f   After we had instructed and duelye admon- ished them of that they shuld do aswell for there mannour of proceading as for there good and loving behavior of themselves towardes this poore and simple Indians and there conversacon with them, || the xi of the mounthe of June last past, we departed from Port Riall, mynding yett to range and veue the coast untill the xl degrees of the elevation: but forasmuche as there came upon us trublesome and cloudy whither and verry incomodyous for our purpose, and considering ===================================================== * P., And have lefte vnto the for head & Rulers . . . Captayn Albert de la Pierria.   f Perhaps near the present town of Beaufort on a creek fall- ing into Port Royal Sound. See Lowery, op. cit., 1562-74, Ap- pendix F, pp. 403-5.   || All the words after behavior of themselves are omitted in P.      

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