The Whole and True Discouerye of Terra Florida by Jean Ribault

end, God geving us through his grace and accus- tomed goodnes a metelye favorable wynde, I de- termiend with all dilligence to prove a newe course which hathe not byn yet attempted, trav- ersing the seas of the oction 1800 leagues at the least, which in dede is the true and shorte course that herafter must be kepte, to the honnour of our nation, reiecting thould conseaved* oppynn- ion, which tot longe tyme hathe byn holden for true, which is that it was thought a thinge impossible to have the wynde at cast|| north- east, and kepe the race and course we enterprised, but that the§ shuld be dreven towardes the re- gion of Affricque, the Isles of Canari[a], Ma- dera and other landes therabowt. And the cause why we have byn [the] more spurred and pro- voked 5″ to take this newe race, hathe byn [be- cause] that it seamed to every one that men** might not pass nor go in this navegation with- out the sight and towching of the Antilles and ===================================================== * P., conserved. f Too.   || The manuscript has est before east.   § They : P., we. §* P.,prouoked & assured.   ** P., we.      

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