The Whole and True Discouerye of Terra Florida by Jean Ribault

nor arrive in any porte, by reason of sondery in- convenyences, which happen comenlye, was con- strayned to retourn into Fraunce, where after his arrivall he never ceased to make sute untill he* was sent thither agayn, where at the last he died, which t gave smale lust || to send thither agayn and was cause that this laudable enterprise was leift of, untill the yeare 1534, at which tyme his Majestie, desiering allwaies thenlardging of his Kingdom, cuntries and domynions, and the ad- vauntage§ and ease of his pooer subiectes, sent thither a pilote of St. Malos in Bryttayne,fi” named Jaques Carter,** well seen in the art and knowledg of navegation, and speceally for the northe partes, comonly called the Newland, led by some hope to fynd passage that waies to the southe seeas, who being not able at this his fiirst going to bring any thing to pase of that he pre- tended to do, was sent thither agayn the yere ===================================================== * From P.: the manuscript has his. f P. adds occasion. || P., corage.   § P., thadvauncing. fi” P., a Briton.   ** P., Cartiere. See J. P. Baxter, A Memoir of Jacques Cartier, London, 1906.      

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