The Whole and True Discouerye of Terra Florida by Jean Ribault

they had neither there wives nor childern in there company.   After we had a good while lovengly intre- tayned and presented them with littell* giftes of haberdasherye wares, cutting hookes and hatch- ettes, and clothed the king and his brethern with like robes we had geven to them on the other side, [we] enterd and veued the cuntry thera- bowte, which is the fairest, frutefullest and ples- antest of all the worlde, habonding in honney, veneson, wildfoule, forrestes, woodes of all sortes, palme trees, cipers, ceders, bayes, the hiest, greatest and fairest vynes in all the wourld with grapes accordingly, which naturally and withowt mans helpe and tryming growe to the top of okes and other trees that be of a wonderfull greatnes and height. And the sight of the faire medowes is a pleasure not able to be expressed with tonge, full of herons, corleux, bitters, mal- lardes, egertes, woodkockes, and of all other kinde of smale birdes, with hartes, hyndes, buckes, wild swyne, and sondery other f wild ===================================================== * P., lyke. f P., all other kyndes of.      

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