The Whole and True Discouerye of Terra Florida by Jean Ribault

twen his two brethern [whiche were] goodly men [&] well shapen and of wonderfull shewe of activetie, having about there heddes and heare,* which was trussed up of a height, a kinde of heare of some wilde beast died redd, gatherd and wrought together with great cunyng, and wrethed and facioned after the forme of a die- deme. One of them had hanging at his necke a littell round plate of redd copper well pollished, with an other lesser of silver in the myddst of yt (as ye shall se) and at his eare a littell plate of copper wherwithe they use to scrape f and take awaye the sweat from their bodies. They shewed unto us that there was grett store of this mettall within the cuntry, abowt five or six jurnaies|| from thence, bothe on the southe and nourthe side of the same river, and that they went thither in there boates, which boates they make but of one pece of a tree working yt hollowe§ so cun- yngly and fyttely, that they put in one of these thus shapen boates or rather great troughes, xv ===================================================== * P., one haire. f P., strype.   || P., dayes iorney. The French original doubtless had journees.   § P., whole.      

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