The Whole and True Discouerye of Terra Florida by Jean Ribault

Wisan.* So that the wynd blowing with great furye and tempest owt of the west and west southe west, althogether contrary to our waye and course, and that all that we could do was but to no effecte and tot the [great] daunger of breaking of our mastes, or to be lett|| in our other labours. Therefore, as well to shon manye other inconveniences, which might followe to the preiudice and breache of our voiage, having regarde also to the likely daunger of deathe, that some of our gentilmen and souldiours trubled with fevers and hote§ sicknesses might have fallen into, as also for many other considerations, we thought good to fall into the rode of Brest in Britaine, to sett there our sicke folkes on lande, and suffer the tempest to passe. From whence, after we taryed there two dayes, [we] retourned agen to seward to followe our navegation, so that (my lorde) albeit the wynd was for a long tymefi” verye muche agenst us and trublesome, yet at the ===================================================== * P., Wtskam. Ushant, in French Ouessant; Surlynges are the Scilly Islands.   f P., besydes. || P., hyndered.   § P., whot. g” P., season.      

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