The Whole and True Discouerye of Terra Florida by Jean Ribault

and also where as good and like [ly] comodities be founde as in the other places therby; for we found there a great numbre of peper trees, the peper upon them yet grene and not redy to be gatherd; also the best watter of the worlde, and so many sortes of ffishes that ye maye take them withowt nett or angle, as many as you will; also guinea foule and innumerable wildfoule of all sortes, and in a lyttell ilande at the entrye of this haven, on the est notherest side, there is so great numbre of egretes that the bushes be all white and covered with* them, so that one may take of the yong ones with his hande as many as he will carry awaye. There be also a nombre of other foule, as herons, bytters, curleux, and to be shorte, so many smale birdes that yt is a straung thing to be sene. We found the Indians there more dowbt- full and fearefull then thothers byfore; yet after we hade byn att there howses, and congratu- lated f with them, and shewed curtysie to those that we founde to have abondoned their trough- ===================================================== * From P. The manuscript has of. f P., congregated.      

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