The Whole and True Discouerye of Terra Florida by Jean Ribault

seas,* which were a wonderfull advauntag. This is the land of Chicoref wherof some have wrytten, and which many have gon abowt to fynd, for the great riches they perceved by some Indians to be found there. It is sett under so good a clymate, that none of all our men, though we were there in the hotest tyme of the yere, the sonne entering into Cancer, were troubled with any sicknes. The people there live long and in great helthe and strength, so that aged men go withowt staves, and are able to do|| and ron like the yongest of them, who only are known to be ould by the wrynkeles in ther face and decaye of sight.   We departed from them verry frendly and with there contentation, but the flood and the night overtaking us, we were constrayned to lie in our boates all [that] night, till yt was day, Siting § upon this river which we have called Seyne,S” ===================================================== * P., sea.   f P., Checere. On Chicora, the Indian name for the country near Cape Fear, see Gomara, op. ctt., xxi-xxii, and Lowery, op. tit, 1 3 13-61, pp. 155,447.   I|P.,£*. §?., fating.   $ The St. Mary’s river.      

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