The Whole and True Discouerye of Terra Florida by Jean Ribault

comodyties that may be brought thence into France, if we leve a nombre of men there, that may fortify e and so provide themselves of thinges necessarye, for in all newe discovers yt is the chef and best thinge that may be don at the begining, to fortifye and people the country which is the true and chef possesion. * I had not so sonne sett fourthe this thinge to our company, but many of them offered f to tarry there, yea with suche a good will and jolly curradg, that suche a nom- bre did thus offre themselves as we had muche ado to staye there importunytie, and namely of our shipmasters and principall pilottes, and of suche as we could not spare. Howebeyt, we have leift there but to the numbre of xxx in all, of gentilmen, souldiers, and merryners, and that at ther own suite and prayer, and of there one fre and good willes, and by the adviz and delybera- tion of the gentilmen sent on the behalf of the Prynces and youres, and have leift unto them for hed and ruler (following therin your goodwill) ===================================================== * The words after country are omitted in P. f P., affray ed. Cf. Hakluyt, op. cit., viii. 468.

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