The Whole and True Discouerye of Terra Florida by Jean Ribault

inhabyte there, all the country, man, woman, and childe* would not have ceassed to have pursued them for to have theires agayn, seing they be not able to consider norwaye to what intent we shuld have carried them awaye. And this may be better don to theire contentation when they have better acquaintance of us, and knowe that there is no suche cruelltye in us as in other people and nations, of whom they have byn begilled under coulour of good faythe, which f usage in the end tourned to the doers to no good.   This is the river of Jordayne|| in myne oppyn- ion, wherof so muche hathe byn spoken, which is verry faire, and the cuntrye good and of grete consequence, both for theire easye habitation and also for many other thinges which shuld be to long to wrytt. The xxii§ of May we planted an- ===================================================== * P., men women & children.   f From P., who has which doing. The manuscript has with usage.   || Probably the Pedee near Cape Fear. The name was given by Ayllon in 1526, after the captain of one of his vessels. See Lowery, op. cit., 1513-61, pp. 165, 447-52.   § P., xx.

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