The Whole and True Discouerye of Terra Florida by Jean Ribault

semyng verry well contented by there putting into* us watter, frute[s] and hartes skynes.   It is a place wonderfull fertill, and of strong scituation, the ground fat so that it is lekely that it would bring fourthe wheate and all other corn twise a yeare, and the comodities there for livelode and the hope of more riches be like unto those we found and considered upon the ryver of May, and men may travell thither through a great arme of the sea in hoyes and barkes as great as ye maye do in the river of Mayef withowt coming into the sea. This arme dothe devide and makethe the Isle of Maye, as many other rivers and armes of the see which we have discovered devide and make many other great islandes,|| by the which we maye travell from one island to an other bi- twen land and lande. And yt semeth that men may goo and saile withowt daunger through all the contrye, and never enter in [to] the great ===================================================== * P., geving vnto.   f All the words after river of May, two lines above, are omit- ted in P.   || P., this arme doth devide, & maketh many other lies of May, as also many other great I landes.      

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