The Whole and True Discouerye of Terra Florida by Jean Ribault

Lucayes* and there to soiourne and take freshe water and other necessaries, as the Spaniardes do in their voiag to newe Spayne, wherof, thanked be God, we have had no nede, nor entred the Chanell of Boham,f which hath byn thought impossible, fforseing also that it was not exped- ient for us to passe through their || islandes, as- well to shon manny inconveniences that hap- en§ in passing that waies, wherof there spring nothing but inumerable quarrelles, pleadinges, confusion, and breache of all worthie enterprises and goodly navegations, with infenite com- plaintesS” and odious questions betwen the sub- iectes of the Kinge and his ffrendes and allyes, as also to thende they myght understand that in tyme to come (God having shewed to us suche grace as theis his wonderfull benefites first knowen** to the pooer people of this so goodly newe France, ft a people of so gentill a nature, ===================================================== * The Bahamas : P., Lucaries. f Bahama: P., Roham. || P., the. § P., might happen.   fi” P., whereof ensueth complaintes. P., shelved.   ft V., framing people. J, W.Jones, in 1850, was ‘unable to sug- gest an explanation of it’ (p. 96, n. 1).      

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