The Whole and True Discouerye of Terra Florida by Jean Ribault

as well to the ende they might be made great over this pooer people and rude nation, as also tapprove the former affection which our Kinges have had to this discover [ie] : for the late King Francis [the first] of happie memorye, a prynce endued with excellent vermes, anno 1524, sent a famyous and notable man, a Florentyne, named Messire Jehan de Verrazane* to searche and discover the west partes as farre as might be, who departyng from Depe with two vesselles, litle differing from the making and burden of these two pynnases of the Kinges, which your grace hath ordained for this present navegation, in the which lande he arrived where he founde the ele- vation of the pole of 38 degrees, f the cuntery, as he writeth, goodly, frutefull, and of so good a temperaunce as is not possible to have better, being then as yet of no man seen, nor discov- ered. || But he being not able at his first voiage to bring to passe that [whiche] he had intended, ===================================================== * P., Varran. Verrazano’s Relation is in Hakluyt, Divers Voy- ages, pp. 55-7L   f P., an viij degrees, which is unintelligible.   || P., discerned.      

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