The Whole and True Discouerye of Terra Florida by Jean Ribault

countreyinfertilitieapte and comodiousthrough- owt to make suger and to beare and bring fourthe plentifully all that men would plant or sowe up- on it. There be every where the highest, fayrerest and greatest ffirr trees that can be sene, verry well smelling and whereowt myght be gotton with cutting only the bark, as muche rosin, turpentyne andfrankinsence as men would have;* and to be shorte, there lackethe nothing. Wherfore being not able to entre and lye with our great vesselles there, where we would f make no long abode, nor entre so farr into the rivers and cuntres as we would fayne have don: for yt is well inough known howe many inconvenyences have hap- ened unto men, not only in attempting of newe discover [ie] s, but also in all places by leving there great vesselles in the sea, farr from the lande, unfurnished of there heddes and best men. As for thother rivers, we have given them suche names as followe,and unto the Indians || joining to them, the same name that the next river unto ===================================================== * P., desire. f P., coulde.   || P., Hands.      

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