The Whole and True Discouerye of Terra Florida by Jean Ribault

people, they would flye hither and thither through the woodes and forestes and abandon there habitations and cuntrye.   The nexte day being the thirde day of Maye, desiering alwaies to fynd owt harborough to rest in, we sett up saile agayn, and after we had ranged the coast as nere the shore as we coulde, there ap- peared unto us abowt vij leages on this side the river of Maye, a great oppening or baye of some faire river, whither with one of our boates we rowed and there found an entre almost like unto that of the river of Maye,* and within the same as great a depthe and as large, dividing yt self into many sea armes,f great and brood, streching to- wardes the highe lande, with many other lesse that devide the countrye into faire and greate landes and a great number of smale and faire medowes. Being entred into them abowt 3 leages we found in a place verry comodyous, strong and pleas- aunt of scituation, certen Indians who receved us verry gentelly, howebeyt we being somewhat ===================================================== * The St. John’s. This new river was in all probability the St. Mary’s. % P., great streames.      

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