The Whole and True Discouerye of Terra Florida by Jean Ribault

well favored and modest and will not suffer that one approche them to nere,* but we were not in theire howses, for we sawe none at that tyme.   After that we had tarried in this northe side of the river the most parte of the daye, which river we have called by the name of the river of Maye, for that we discovered the same the ffirst day of that mounthe,f congratulated and made alyance and entered into amytie with them, and pre- sented theire kinge and his brethern with gownes of blewe clothe garnished with yellowe flowers de luce, yt semed they were sorry for our depar- ture, so that the most parte of them entered into the watter up to the necke, to sett our barges || on flote, putting into us soundry kindes of ffishes, which with a marvelus speed they ran to take them in there parkes,§ made in the watter with great redes, so well and cunyngly sett together, after the fashion of a labirinthe or maze, with so ===================================================== * Too near. P., andwyll not suffer one dishonestly to approche to neare them.   f On the identity of this river see Lowery, op. cit., Appendix B, pp. 389-93-   \\P. 9 Boates. §P.,paks.      

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