The Whole and True Discouerye of Terra Florida by Jean Ribault

durst not venture to entre there with our great shippes, we having named this river Some,* which within is a leage over and of viij, ix, x, and xj fadom deapthe, deviding yt self into many great rivers, that sever the cuntry into many faire and great f ilandes and smale goodly medowe ground and pastures, and every where suche aboundaunce of fishe as is increadeble. And on the west northewest side there is a great river that comithe from the highe country, of a great leage || over, and on§ the other on the northest side which retourn into the sea. So that (my lorde) yt is a country full of havens, rivers and islandes of suche frutefullnes as cannot with tonge be ex- pressed, and where in shorte tyme great and prec- yous comodyties might be founde. And besides theis, we discovered and founde also seven rivers more, as great and as good, cutting and deviding the land into faire and great ilandes, th’Indians inhabytantes therof like in manours, and the ===================================================== * Perhaps the Satilla.   f P. omits all the words after the first great, at the beginning of the line.   || P., length, § One. P., another.      

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