The Whole and True Discouerye of Terra Florida by Jean Ribault

The next daye in the morninge, being the ffirst of Maye, we assaied to enter this porte with two rowe* barges and a boate well trymed, find- ing littell watter at the entry e and many surges and brekinges of the water f which might have astuned and caused us to retourn backe to shipp- borde, if God had not speedely brought us in, where fynding fourthwith 5 or 6 1| fadom water, entered in to a goodly and great river, § which as we went we found to increse still in depth and lardgnes, boylling and roring through the mul- tytute of all sortes of fishes. Thus entered we perceved a goodS” numbre of the Indians, in- habytantes there, coming alonge the sandes and seebanck somewhate nere unto us, withowt any taken** of feare or dowbte, shewing unto us the easiest landing place, and thereupon we geving them also on our parte tokens ft of assuraunce ===================================================== * P., new,   f All the words after littell watter are omitted in P. || P., ^536; Hakluyt, 36. § St. John’s river. ST P., great.   ** P., takyng. Token is evidently meant, ft P., thankes.      

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