The Whole and True Discouerye of Terra Florida by Jean Ribault

or xx^ persons, and go therwith verry swiftly.* They that rowe stand upright having there owers short, made after the fashyon of apeele.f Thus be- ing amonges them they presented us with there meale, dreassed and baked, verry good and well tasting and of good nurishment, also beanes, ffishe, as crabbes, lopsters, crevices || and many other kindes of good ffishes, shewing us by signes that there dwellinges were far of, and that if there provision had byn nere hande, they would have presented us with many other reffreshinges.   The night nowe approching we were fayne to retourn to our shippes, muche to our greef, for that we durst not hasarde to enter with our shippes by reason of a barr of sande that was at [the] en- tre of the porte, howebeyt at a full sea there is two fadom and a half of water at the most,§ and yt is but a leap or surge fi” to passe this barr, not passing the lengthe of two cables, and thenfourth with every where within vj or vij fadom water, ===================================================== * P., go their wayes very safely.   f The original had probably pelle, shovel.   || Ecrevisses, crayfish or lobsters.   § P., leaste. fS P., over a surge.      

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