The Whole and True Discouerye of Terra Florida by Jean Ribault

other colme* graven with the Kinges armes, on the southe side, in a comodyous pleasaunt and high place, at the entrye of a faire great river, which we have called Lybournef where ther is a faire lake of ffreshe water verry good, and on the same side a lyttell lower towardes the entry of the haven, is one of the fairest and best foun- taynes that a made|| may drynke of, which falleth with voyelence down to the river from a highe place owt of a redd and sandy ground, and yet for all that frutfull and of good aire, where yt shuld seme that the Indians have had some faire habytation.   Ther we sawe the fairest and the greatest vynes with grapes according, and yong trees, and smale woodes verry well smelling, that ever were sene, wherby yt aperithe to be the pleasantest and most comodious dwelling of all the worlde.   Wherfore (my lorde) trusting you will not thinke yt amisse, considering the great good and ===================================================== * P., columne orpillor. See Lowery, op. tit., 1562-74, Appendix Q pp. 393-4-   f See Hakluyt, op. ciu, viii. 464. || P., man.      

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