The Letters of Pedro Menendez Aviles

Portrait of Pedro Menendez

Portrait of Pedro Menendez

Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society (January Meeting, 1894, pp. 416-468)

Florida. Years 1565 and 1566.

F. 14. D. N° 40.

Seven letters written to the King by the General Pero Menendez de Aviles, from the 13th of August 1565, to the 30th of the next January, giving a report to him of the success of his expedition, and of the cruises made by him from the time that he left Spain to undertake the conquest, settlement and pacification of Florida, and of the victory gained by him at the fort which the French had erected, with various important suggestions concerning what ought to be done for the security of that coast, and the navigation of the Channel of Bahama.

The original papers are found in the Archivo General de Indias at Seville among the papers taken from the Archives of Simancas. Vol-
umes 17. 20 and 21 of letters from the Indias. Compared March 31?* 1795.

Martin Fern! de Navarrete.

From the copies in the Deposito Hidrografico at Madrid, September
1«* 1836.

Buckingham Smith.

Translated August 1?* 1870, from copy in possession of Francis
Parkman, City of Boston. H. Ware.


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