The Whole and True Discouerye of Terra Florida by Jean Ribault

Jean Ribualt Landing -JaxLibrary

Landing of Jean Ribault. (Courtesy Jacksonville Public Library)

From a manuscript copy in the British Museum. (        HERE AS in the yeare 1562 it pleased God to move your grace f to chose and appoynt us to discover and vieu a certen long coste of the West Indea, from the hed of the lande called la Florida, drawing towardes the northe parte untill || the hed of Britons^ distant from the said hed of la Florida 900 leages, or therabout, to the ende that we might certifie you and make true reporte of the temperature, fertilitie, portes, havens, rivers, and generally of all the comodities that might be founde and seen in that lande, and also to learn what people were there dwelling, which thing long tyme agon ye have desiered, being stirred [thereunto] by this zeale, that France might one ===================================================== * Words in brackets are found in the printed version, which we shall call P. Hakluyt has: ‘The true and last discouerie of Florida, made by Captaine John Ribault in the yeere 1562. Dedicated to a great noble man of Fraunce, and translated into Englishe by one Thomas Hackit.’   f  P. has, always, honour. This account is said to have been ad- dressed to Coligny. || P., unto. § Cape Breton, the eastern extremity of Cape Breton Island.    

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