The Whole and True Discouerye of Terra Florida by Jean Ribault

mannour to parle* and bargayn sitting, and the chef of them to be aparte from the meaner sorte, with a shewe of great obedyence to there kinges, superyours, and elders. They be all naked and of a goodly stature, mighty, faire and aswell shapen and proportioned of bodye as any people in all the worlde, very gentill, curtious and of a good nature.   The most parte of them cover their raynes and pryvie partes with faire hartes skins, paynted cun- ynglyf with sondry collours, and the fore parte of there bodye and armes paynted with pretye devised workes of azure, redd, and black, so well and so properly don as the best paynter of Eu- rope could not amend yt. The wemen have there bodies covered || with a certen herbe like unto moste,§ wherof the cedertrees and all other trees be alwaies covered. The men for pleasure do all- wayes tryme themselves therwith, after sundry fasshions. They be of tawny collour, hawke nosed and of a pleasaunt countenaunce. The women be ===================================================== * P., talke. f P., moste commonly e.   || V., paynted. § P. } mosse.      

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