The Whole and True Discouerye of Terra Florida by Jean Ribault

shipps, which laye abowt vj leages from the haven to the sewarde.   The next day in the morning we retourned to land agayne, accompaned with the captayns, gen- tilmen, souldiers, and others of our smaie troup, earring with us a piller or colume of hard stone, our kinges armes graven therin, to plaint and sett [the same] at the entrye of the porte in some high place wher yt might be easelly sene. And being come thither bifore the Indyans were as- sembled, we espied on the southe side of the river a place verry fyt for that purpose upon a littell hill compassed with cipers, bayes, palmes, and other trees, and swete pleasaunt smelling shrubbes, in the mydell wherof we planted the first bounde or lymete of his majestic Thus don, perceving our first Indians assembled and lok- ing for us we went first unto them according to our promisse,* not withowt some mislyking of those on the southe parte, wher we had sett the said lymete, who tarried for us in the same place ===================================================== * P. omits all the words after assembled to the word promisse in- clusive.      

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