The Whole and True Discouerye of Terra Florida by Jean Ribault

so that it makethe a verry faire haven and shippes of a meane burden from iiij xx to c. tonnes may entre therein at all flodes, yea, of a farre greater burthen if there were Frenchemen dwelling there that myght scoure thentree as they do in Fraunce, and where nothing is lacking for the lief* of man. The scituation is under the elevation of xxx degrees, a good clymate, helthfull, of good tem- peraunce,f marvelous pleasaunt, the people gen- till || and of a good and amyable loving nature, which willingly will obaye, ye, be content to serve those that shall with gentilnes and humanytie go aboute to alure them as yt [is] nedefull for all those that shalbe sent thither hereafter so to do, and as I have chardged those of oures that be lefte there to do, to thende that by these meanes they may ask and learn of them where the [y] take there gould, copper, turquises, and other thinges yet unknown unto us, by reason of the shortnes of tyme we soiurned there; for if any rude and rig- orious meanes shuldbe used towardes this ===================================================== * Life ; P., lyfe. f P., temperature.   II V., good.      

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