The Whole and True Discouerye of Terra Florida by Jean Ribault

nere there howses yt semed yt was [somewhat] agenst there good willes that we went thither, for at theire cryes and noise they made, all there wiefes and childern and howshould stuf were fledd and carried* fiirthewith into the woodes. Howebeyt they suffered us to go to there howses, but they themselves would not accompany us thither. There howses be fyttely made and close of woode,f sett upright and covered with reed, the most parte of them after the fashion of a pavill- ion, but there was one [house] amonges the rest verry great, long and broode, with settelles round abowte made of reedes, tremly couched together, which serve them bothe for beddes and seates; they be of hight two fote from the ground, sett upon great round pillers paynted with redd, yel- lowe and blewe, well and [trimly] pullished. Some of this people, perceving that we had [in] no mannour of wise hurted there dwellinges nor gardens which the[y] dresse verry dilligently, they retourned all unto us byfore our imbarking, ===================================================== * P., they made theyr wyves and chyldren and housholde stuffe to be caryed.   f P., Their houses be made ofwod fitly & close.      

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