The Whole and True Discouerye of Terra Florida by Jean Ribault

beastes as we perceved well bothe then by there foteing there and also afterwardes in other places by ther crye and brayeng* which we herde in the night tyme. Also there be cunys, hares, guynia cockes in mervelus numbre, a great dele fairer and better then be oures, f silke wormes, and to be shorte it is a thinge inspeakable, the comodi- ties that be sene there and shalbe founde more and more in this incomperable lande, never as yet broken with plowe irons, bringing fourthe all thinges according to his first nature, wherof || the eternall God endued yt.   About there howses they laboure and till there ground, sowing there fildes with a grayn called Mahis, wherof the [y] make there meale, and in there gardens the [y] plant beans, gourdes, cowe- kcumbers, citrons, peasen, and many other sim- ples § and rootes unknon unto us. There spades and mattockes be of wood, so well and fyttely made as ys possible, which they make with certen ===================================================== * P., rorynge.   f P. omits these and has silke wormes in merveylous number \ a great dell fairer & better, then be our silk wormes. || P., wherewith. § V.,fruites.      

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