Florida Indians Gallery


Floridians crossing over to an island to take their pleasure.

That country abounds in most delightful islands, as the first pictures of our series show. The rivers are not deep; but the water, which comes not higher than to the breast, is very clear and pure. When they desire to make a little pleasure excursion with their wives and children, to one of these islands, they cross over by swimming, in which they are very skilful ; or, if they have young children, by wading. The mother can carry three children at a time, the smallest on one shoulder, and holding it by one arm, the other two holding on to her under her arms ; while in her other hand she holds up a basket full of fruit or other provisions for the occasion. When there is any fear of the enemy, the men take their bows and arrows ; and, to keep them from being wet, they attach the quiver to the hair of the head, and hold up in one hand a bow all ready strung, and an arrow, for instant defence if necessary: as in the picture.”  Narrative of Le Moyne, Jacques Le Moyne

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