Florida Indians Gallery


Mode of drying fish, wild animals and other provisions.

In order to keep these animals longer, they are in the habit of preparing them as follows:

They set up in the earth four stout forked stakes; and on these they lay others, so as to form a sort of grating. On this they lay their game, and then build a fire underneath, so as to harden them in the smoke. In this process they use a great deal of care to have the drying perfectly performed, to prevent the meat from spoiling, as the picture shows. I suppose this stock to be laid in for their winter’s supply in the woods, as at that time we could never obtain the least provision from them. For the like reason their granaries, as was related, are placed close under some rock or cliff, near a river, and not far from some deep forest, so that when necessary they can carry a supply in canoes.” Narrative of Le Moyne, Jacques Le Moyne

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