Florida Indians Gallery


Industry of the Floridians in depositing their crops in the public granary.

There are in that region a great many islands, producing abundance of various kinds of fruits, which they gather twice a year, and carry home in canoes, and store up in roomy low granaries built of stones and earth, and roofed thickly with palm-branches and a kind of soft earth fit for the purpose. These granaries are usually erected near some mountain, or on the bank of some river, so as to be out of the sun’s rays, in order that the contents may keep better. Here they also store up any other provisions which they may wish to preserve, and the remainder of their stores ; and they go and get them as need may require, without any apprehensions of being defrauded. Indeed, it is to be wished, that, among the Christians, avarice prevailed no more than among them, and tormented no more the minds of men.” Narrative of Le Moyne, Jacques Le Moyne

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