Florida Indians Gallery


Hunting deer.

The Indians have a way of hunting deer which we never saw before. They manage to put on the skins of the largest which have before been taken, in such a manner, with the heads on their own heads, so that they can see out through the eyes as through a mask. Thus accoutred, they can approach close to the deer without frightening them. They take advantage of the time when the animals come to drink at the river, and, having their bow and arrows all ready, easily shoot them, as they are very plentiful in those regions. It is usual, however, to protect the left arm with the bark of the branch of a tree, to keep it from being grazed by the bow-string, — a practice which they have learned naturally enough. They know how to prepare deer-skins, not with iron instruments, but with shells, in a surprisingly excellent manner; indeed, I do not believe that any European could do it as well.” Narrative of Le Moyne, Jacques Le Moyne

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