Narrative of Le Moyne

he served as a slave for a year, and was then sent into Cuba, to Havana, where he was chained to another Frenchman, a gentleman called M. de Pompierre, who had been captured along with others of Laudonniere’s men, after being carried off against his will on that expedition which I have already referred to in the course of this short account of the whole expedition. At last De Pompierre and the sailor were sold together, and put on board ship for Portugal ; but the vessel happened to fall in with a French ship commanded by one Bontemps, and after a long fight was taken by her, when the victors, finding our two prisoners on board in chains, set them at liberty, and carried them to France. Thus God, according to his pleasure, finds ways to relieve the unfortunate even when they have lost all hope.

This is the story which I heard from the sailor of the destruction of Ribault and his company ; but it becomes us to accuse ourselves and our own sins for blame in the matter, and not the Spaniards, whom the Lord made use of as rods lot scourging us according to our deserts. But to God omnipotent alone, and to his Son Jesus Christ our Lord, and to the Holy Spirit, be honor and glory forever ! Amen.

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