The Letters of Pedro Menendez Aviles

Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society (January Meeting, 1894, pp. 416-468) Florida. Years 1565 and 1566. F. 14. D. N° 40. Seven letters written to the King by the General Pero Menendez de Aviles, from the 13th of August 1565, to the 30th of the next January, giving a report to him of the success […]

Original Fort St. Augustine in Georgia not Florida, researcher claims

On February 21, 2014 academics Crowe and Spring from Florida State University and the University of Florida made the shocking announcement that the French colony of Fort Caroline was located on the Altamaha River near Darien, Georgia not the St. John’s River in Jacksonville, Florida as has been believed for the past 150 years. Now new evidence published yesterday […]

Original Fort St. Augustine Found in Coastal Georgia?

Does a newspaper account from 1817, rediscovered in 2010, reveal the location of the original Fort St. Augustine as being in Georgia not Florida? As I noted in my article “Quest for Fort Caroline,” all of the written eyewitness accounts of the location of Fort Caroline suggested it was on the Altamaha River in Georgia […]

Fort St. Augustine Eyewitness Accounts

If the true location of the French Fort Caroline is on the Altamaha River near Darien, Georgia and not the St. Johns River near Jacksonville, Florida (as I argued here and here) then this presents a question: where was the original Fort St. Augustine? According to the Spanish general Pedro Menendez, it required two days […]

Academics Locate Fort Caroline in Georgia not Florida

Evidence continues to accumulate that the site of Fort Caroline, the first European settlement in America, was actually in Darien, Georgia and not Jacksonville, Florida as has been long asserted. In fact, a 1/3 scale reproduction of the fort was constructed along the St. John’s River in Jacksonville despite the fact that no physical evidence has […]

Fort Caroline in Georgia, not Florida, new research reveals

For 150 years researchers have been unsuccessful in unearthing the remains of the French settlement known as Fort Caroline. A new analysis of Spanish and French written, eyewitness accounts of its location and description of the rivers, geography and Native American tribes in its vicinity has revealed that the fort was located along the Altamaha River near Darien, Georgia not the […]

Relation of Nicholas Burgoignon

 The relation of Nicholas Burgoignon, aliâs Holy, whom sir Francis Drake brought from Saint Augustine also in Florida, where he had remayned sixe yeeres, in mine and Master Heriots hearing. This Nicholas Burgoignon sayth, that betweene S. Augustine and S. Helen there is a Casique whose name is Casicôla, which is lord of ten thousand […]

The Relation of Pedro Morales

The relation of Pedro Morales a Spaniard, which sir Francis Drake brought from Saint Augustines in Florida, where he had remayned sixe yeeres, touching the state of those parts, taken from his mouth by Master Richard Hakluyt 1586. Three score leagues up from the Northwest from Saint Helena are the mountaines of the golde and […]

On the Nature of the Apalachites

“Digression on the Nature of the Country of the Apalachites, their Manners, their Ancient and Their New Religion” from Histoire Naturelle and Morale des Antilles de l’Amerique by Rochefort. The Caribbians were originally Inhabitants of the Septentrional part of America, of that Country which is now called Florida: They, came to Inhabit the islands after […]

Pedro de Menendez Account of Fort Caroline Capture

Pedro de Menéndez de Avilés to Philip II: I wrote to Your Majesty from aboard the galleon San Salvador on September llth, this being the day she left Port. The duplicate of the letter goes in this, and later on I will send the other. While I was on the Bar in a sloop with […]

Hernando D’Escalante Fontaneda

Hernando de Escalante Fontaneda (c. 1536 – after 1575, dates uncertain) was a Spanish shipwreck survivor who lived among the Indians of Florida for 17 years. His memoir [version 1] [version 2], written in 1575, is one of the most valuable contemporary accounts of American Indian life from that period. Around 1549, when Fontaneda was […]

Quest for Fort Caroline

Current academic consensus holds that the French settlement of Fort Caroline was located on the St. Johns River in modern-day Jacksonville, Florida. Yet details in both French and Spanish written accounts as well as details in drawings left behind by the colony’s resident artist, Jacques Le Moyne, have always contradicted this location. These accounts suggest […]
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