Dawn of Oglethorpe’s Georgia

By the time that future Georgia founder James Edward Oglethorpe was born in England, the former missions of Guale and Mocama had been abandoned for more than a decade. And by the time the adult Oglethorpe finally arrived to establish the new city of Savannah in 1733, the coastal borderlands between English Carolina and Spanish […]

Spanish Colonial Archival Sources

Primary historical sources relative to Georgia’s earliest colonial era are mostly in Spanish archives, or in archival repositories in the United States that contain collections of microfilm or photostat images of original Spanish documents. While English documentary sources are available relating to the early Virginia and Carolina colonies, these sources are only applicable to the […]

A Primer on Spanish Colonial Paleography

Historical research into the colonial era of Spanish Florida requires familiarity not just with the Spanish language and archival organization of the 16th-18th centuries, but also with archaic handwriting styles used by colonial notaries. The study of such handwriting, called paleography, is sometimes very difficult and often tedious and frustrating, but permits the researcher to […]

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Early Colonial Georgia

Following the 1995 publication of my first book [amazon_link id=”0817354115″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]The Struggle for the Georgia Coast[/amazon_link], in which I presented the results of new research into Georgia’s coastal missions (based in large part on previously undiscovered or unused Spanish documentary sources), I began to realize the enormous quantity of published literature about early […]
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